Peace Camp is a one week summer program designed to help children learn how to be peacemakers in God's world. Children have fun and make new friends while learning how to find peace through yoga and prayer, non-violent conflict resolution, multicultural appreciation, the arts, care of creation, and more. Each day begins with a Bible story that teaches us about peace. Each year's program includes a one-day field trip. Peace Camp is open to all kids entering 1st through 6th grades. 

Important information about this year's Peace Camp can be found below.

Peace begins at Home

virtual peace camp

july 2020

While in-person Peace Camp was suspended this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bethlehem remains committed to encouraging peace making. 

Join us here, on Facebook, and/or on Instagram for our 2020 virtual peace camp: Peace Begins at Home.

Each day will feature easy to use content on our core Peace Camp values: peace circles, media literacy, care of creation, and conflict resolution. There will be videos, downloads, and easy projects you can do with your family at home.  

Peace Begins at Home: virtual peace camp 2020

Check here each day during virtual peace camp for a video message from the peace camp team. In the next section you will find links and downloads for that day's activities, including singalong videos, daily peace circle scripts, craft projects, and more! 


Peace Begins at Home

Links and downloads

Each day during virtual Peace Camp, come here to find that day's links and downloads for peace making activities you can do at home!

  • Monday: Peace circles

    Peace Circles are a way to create stronger friendships and families by giving each and every person the opportunity to be heard. Watch the video above introducing the peace circle process. Then practice with your family (stuffed animals also are welcome)! Each day you will find a downloadable peace circle script for your family to use. Plan to spend 5-10 minutes each day doing a peace circle. Send us your pictures of your family in circle together!

  • Tuesday: Media Literacy

    Each and every day we all consume far more media than we realize. TV shows, ads, radio, books, magazines, and so much more. The images and messages in this media shapes how we see the world, often without us even realizing it. Media literacy is learning to pay attention to the messages we receive and ask questions like "Is it true?" "Is it complete?" and "Who is missing?" Today you are invited to do a media audit with your family. After watching the video above, use the checklist provided (based on this article at to see if your family's children's books accurately reflect your family's values. How well is diversity represented?  Are there any books that don't reflect your values? Is there one book you'd like to buy or check out from the library?

  • WEdnesday: Peaceful conflict resolution

  • Thursday: Care of Creation

  • Friday: peace maker's pledge

Peace Camp Video

The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago produced this beautiful video, highlighting Bethlehem's Peace Camp as an example of how congregations can reach into their community. 

Love your neighbor was held June 24-28. 

Peace Camp 2019 had the theme "Love Your Neighbor." Peace Camp participants learned ways to show love to their neighbors across the street, across the city, across the country, and across the world. We enjoyed a visit from a firefighter, learned African Dance, spoke via video messenger with neighbors in Liberia, explored creation at Irons Oaks, and enjoyed daily classes on art, conflict resolution, and yoga. See you next year!