Peace Camp is a one week summer program designed to help children learn how to be peacemakers in God's world. Children have fun and make new friends while learning how to find peace through yoga and prayer, non-violent conflict resolution, multicultural appreciation, the arts, care of creation, and more.  Each year's program includes a one-day field trip. Peace Camp is open to all kids entering 1st through 6th grades. See the details from this past year's program below to learn more. 

peace camp: Peace makers are

community builders

June 26-30, 2023

9 AM - 2 PM daily



Peace Camp is entering its tenth year of teaching kids the skills they need to be peacemakers in their community and world. This year we will focus on the ways peacemakers work together to build healthy communities. Throughout the week we will meet and become community builders in our neighborhood!

At Peace Camp kids learn peaceful conflict resolution skills, how to be a good friend, and how to calm down big feelings. Each day includes peace circles, yoga, art, conflict resolution workshops, and a lot of fun! The week includes a field trip to Irons Oaks Environmental Learning Center where the older children will do team building activities and crate building, while the younger children explore the communities of life found in nature. 

Peace Camp is for all kids entering grades 1st - 6th in the fall. Registration opens on March 15 and closes June 12. The fee is $50 per child with scholarships available. The registration fee includes the field trip to Irons Oaks Environmental Learning Center and a Peace Camp t-shirt.

Peace Camp is staffed by volunteers who love helping kids learn to be peace makers! If you would like to help with Peace Camp this year, please contact Pastor Jennie English-Dumont (

This year Peace Camp is a collaborations between Bethlehem Lutheran Church and St. Barnabas Catholic Parish. All are invited to attend!

Registration is open March 15 until June 12. Register online today!

Peace Camp Volunteers

Peace Camp would not be possible without an amazing team of volunteers who plan, prepare, and run the camp each year. There are many ways to volunteer before, during, and even after Camp!

Use the Volunteer Form below to tell us how you would like to help!

All volunteers who work directly with children will be asked to complete a volunteer application and will be subject to a background check and the congregation's Safe Church policies. 

Peace Camp Volunteer Form

Peace Camp Video

The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago produced this beautiful video, highlighting Bethlehem's Peace Camp as an example of how congregations can reach into their community. 

Peace Begins at Home

2020 Virtual Peace Camp

We are glad that you are here! We were so disappointed to cancel in-person Peace Camp in 2020, but were thrilled to offer a week's worth of activities, crafts, yoga, peace circles and more that you can do with your family. Each day focuses on one part of Peace Camp's core curriculum. You can pick and choose among the activities offered or do them all! Do them in any order you choose. (Be sure to check out each day's yoga class with Miss Liz, a peace camp favorite!) 

Some of the activities link to outside web sites and others have downloadable content. Our original videos can be found in the media section (below), with Monday's video at the bottom. Below the videos you will find a photo gallery with examples of some of the art projects. You should have just about everything you need for all of the crafts and activities at home. This supply list might help as you prepare for the week. 

If you have questions or want to share what your family is doing at Peace Camp this week, please email Pastor Jennie at Happy Peace Making!

  • Monday: Peace circles

    Peace Circles are a great way to create stronger friendships and families by giving each and every person the opportunity to be heard. Watch the video in the media section below introducing the peace circle process. Then practice with your family (stuffed animals also are welcome)! Each day you will find a downloadable peace circle script for your family to use. Plan to spend 5-10 minutes each day doing a peace circle. Send us your pictures of your family in circle together!

    Today's Peace Pledge: I pledge to join together to unite big and small

    Activities and Downloads:

    • Peace Circle: Watch the Peace Circle instruction Video (in the media section below). Then download the Peace Circle script to do a Peace circle with your family. You can either download the document with the scripts for every day (here). Or download just the materials for today (here). In today's circle you will set your guidelines for talking together. Here are some ideas to get you started. 
    • If For One Day Worksheet: Every day during the peace circle you will be invited to imagine what peace would look like in your home, city, and our world. Use this worksheet to keep track of your responses. You can turn it in at the end of the week to be used in a peace camp poem. 
    • Craft idea: Make your own talking stick (see photo in gallery below). 

      If you want to create a talking stick for your peace circle, an unusual creature to roam the sandbox, or just a decorative piece of sculpture, all you need is to find a fallen branch or stick with distinctive features, such as knobs or forks. Clean the stick and if the bark is loose, remove it. Cover the stick with white acrylic paint and let it dry. The base coat will make your final colors much brighter. Paint your stick and perhaps turn it into an animal, your own unique creation. Add yarn or ribbon, colorful designs with markers, stickers,etc. Have fun! Take a picture of the final project and send it to us.

    • Music Time: Sing and dance along to A Song of Peace for Kids. We will sing this one every day!

    • Yoga: Find inner peace with a daily yoga practice with MIss Liz. There will be a new video posted for each day!

  • Tuesday: Media Literacy

    Each and every day we all consume far more media than we realize. TV shows, ads, radio, books, magazines, and so much more. The images and messages in this media shape how we see the world, often without our even realizing it. Media literacy is learning to pay attention to the messages we receive and ask questions like "Is it true?" "Is it complete?" and "Who is missing?" Today you are invited to do a media audit with your family. Use the checklist provided (based on this article at to see if your family's children's books accurately reflect your family's values. How well is diversity represented?  Are there any books that don't reflect your values? Is there one new book you'd like to buy or check out from the library?

    Today's Peace Pledge: I pledge to respect people in every land

    Activities and Downloads

    • Peace Circle: Today's Peace Circle script.
    • Craft idea: Make a rhythm instrument to make your own music or play along with the peace songs for the rest of the week! Here is a tutorial video from Curious World. Check out the photos in the photo gallery. We used bottles and boxes (you can see pictures by scrolling through the photo gallery). What did you use? After you make your shakers, check out the video (in the media section) of our friend Harrison rocking out with his instruments!
    • Family Activity: Use this checklist to see how well your home library reflects diversity. Parents, check out the Guidelines for a selecting Anti-bias books, linked in the day's description. Then check out the book reviews at (some of our favorites include "A Chair for My Mother," "The Colors of Us," and "Last Stop on Market Street,") . Is there a book you'd like to check out from the library or add to your library at home?
    • Story Time: Watch the video (in the media section) of Mrs. Lewis reading The Golden Rule by Illene Cooper. 
    • Music Time: Use your instruments to play, sing, and dance along to the Kids' Peace Song  and a Song of Peace for Kids
    • Yoga: Find inner peace with a new daily yoga practice with Miss Liz
  • WEdnesday: Peaceful conflict resolution

    One of the most important things we learn at Peace Camp is how to solve conflicts peacefully. Do you ever get into a conflict with friends or family? We all do! It can be easy to let that conflict turn into an argument. Practicing peaceful ways to resolve disagreements before they happen will help us to solve our conflicts in ways that are better for everyone!

    Today's Peace Pledge: I pledge to use my words to speak in a kind way

    Activities and Downloads:

    • Peace Circle: Today's Peace Circle script
    • Craft idea #1: Use this printable to make and decorate mini peace doves. Check out the tutorial on Arty Crafty Kids. Check out these directions on how to make a watercolor dove. You can make a mobile to hang in your room or write a friendly note and hang the doves on the door knobs of your neighbors' homes as a way to spread peace. Check out the photos in the gallery below!
    • Craft idea #2: Check out this instruction sheet for making a "two hands one heart" drawing. Or, if you prefer, use this coloring sheet to simply color the image.
    • Family Activity #1: Download and print the Conflict Resolution Wheel. The wheel has suggestions for different ways you could solve problem or conflicts between friends. Color the wheel. If you want a sturdier wheel, glue it to a piece of construction paper. Cut around the edges. Make an arrow out of construction paper and secure it to the center with a wire brad. Then brainstorm possible problems or conflicts. Spin the wheel. Talk about whether that would be a good solution. Try some other solutions, as well. If you want, role play the different scenarios, using the wheel to suggest solutions!
    • Family Activity #2: Using I statements can be a very useful tool for solving disagreements. Watch the video (in the media section) of Dorrie and Lilly getting into an argument. What happens when they use I statements instead of fighting? This worksheet breaks down I statements for younger children, while older kids will find this worksheet more helpful. What is a conflict that came up in your family recently? How might you use an I statement to explain how you were feeling and suggest a solution?  
    • Music Time:  I've Got Peace Live a River (with actions!) and A Song of Peace for Kids (do you have this one memorized yet?)
    • Yoga: Find inner peace with today's daily yoga practice with Miss Liz
  • Thursday: Care of Creation

    As human beings, we are not only in relationship with other people, but also with all of creation. Part of being a peace maker is caring for the health and well-being of our environment, including the plants, animals, water, air, and land that are all around us. Today you and your family will get outside to enjoy nature and talk about ways you can help care for our beautiful planet. 

    Today's Peace Pledge: I pledge to care for the earth with my healing heart and hands.

    Activities and Downloads:

    • Peace Circle: Today's Peace Circle script
    • Video: Watch this read aloud of How to Help the Earth by the Lorax by Tish Rabe. After listening to the story, talk about one or two things your family can do to help the earth.
    • Craft Idea #1: Recycle your trash into art!  You can turn old magazines, newspapers, or other paper into your own beads. Watch this tutorial video from National Geographic Kids vs. Plastic. Note: you can also use Mod Podge or a thin layer of glue in place of the clear nail polish, if you prefer. 
    • Family Activity: Go on a neighborhood safari!  Take a walk around the neighborhood, the forest preserve, or come to Bethlehem's Share the Harvest and baptismal gardens (located at 94th and Bell, and 94th and Oakley, south of the building). Use your eyes and ears to notice the beautiful creation all around you. Download and print the hiking scavenger hunt worksheet, nature sensory walk, or these neighborhood adventure bingo cards from National Geographic Kids and mark down what you see. Who can spot the most kinds of flowers? And while you are out, pick up leaves, sticks, or other items that are on the ground (don't pick from the plants!) to do craft idea #2!
    • Craft Idea #2: Use the items you found on your nature walk to make a family portrait. Look for a sample in the photo gallery below!
    • Music Time: Sing the Mother Earth song and A Song of Peace for Kids (do you have this one memorized yet?)
    • Yoga: Today's yoga practice with Miss Liz
  • Friday: peace maker's pledge

    The web site Kids for Peace Global invites kids to take a peace maker's pledge. All week we have been focusing on different parts of the pledge. Today you and your family can promise to be peace makers and make a plan for ways you can practice peace for the rest of this summer and beyond.

    Today's Peace Pledge: I pledge to help others as I go throughout my day. I pledge to do my part to create peace for one and all. 

    Activities and Downloads:

    • Peace Camp: Today's Peace Circle script
    • Family Activity #1: Be peace makers today by doing an act of kindness for others. One idea is to make "share a little love" notes. Use card stock or regular paper, fold in half, and decorate (or use this printable note paper). Then write an encouraging message and mail it to a friend or drop it in a neighbor's mails box. You can also use pipe cleaners or string to hang peace doves on your neighbor's door knobs, send your note to someone who is in a skilled care facility, gather food to donate to the local food pantry, call someone who is lonely, or come up with your own ideas! 
    • Family Activity #2: Take the full peace maker's pledge. Write out or print the pledge and put it somewhere you will see it every day. Plan to do something to fulfill one part of the pledge each day next week. Let's keep peace going! 
    • Craft idea #1: Take your sidewalk chalk outside and share the message of peace by drawing a picture entitled "Peace is..." Draw what peace means to you. Or you can draw the different parts of the peace maker's pledge, using a sidewalk square for each one. Send a photo of your drawing to and we will share your art on our web site and social media!
    • Craft idea #2: Make a peace rock like the one at left. Paint a rock with a message of kindness and peace. Then put the rock out where people will see it, as a way of spreading peace and kindness in the world. 
    • Music Time: Rock out with all of your favorite tunes from this week, including A Song of Peace for Kids. Don't forget to shake those instruments! 
    • Yoga: Today's daily yoga practice with Miss Liz.
    • If For One Day: Be sure to share your completed"If for one day" worksheets with Pastor Jennie at to be included in our final peace begins at home poem. 
    Thank you for being part of our virtual Peace Camp! These materials will stay up all summer. If you had fun, be sure to share this link with your friends! Peace!